Midnight Meridian - Online Concert Simulation

Experience the Virtual Concert - Live

Part of the Midnight Meridian concert video project is the interactive video simulation. Using the Unity 3D game engine, viewers can experience the actual concert as if they were actually there. See the virtual concert venue as it is being developed. Walk around the concert hall and see where it will all take place. Requires the installation of the free Unity web player plug-in which you will be prompted for the first time you try to visit the venue. CLICK HERE to view.


Dark Franklin - Odysseys

Even after 3 years, HornetLab's 3D animated music video for Dark Franklin's song "Odysseys" continues to attract new viewers. Much has been learned since this production - and the technology has improved at an exciting pace. But good music and a compelling storyline can transcend any technical limitations of the time.

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Latest News

February 1, 2012
Production of Midnight Meridian "Into the Night" is in complete. Read about it here.
LATE 2011
The Midnight Meridian video is evolving. The setting has been changed from an old abandoned castle to a medieval monastary. Set construction is underway. There is a lot of experimental lighting work going on to produce a believable and inspiring concert experience.

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